Economic Impact

Based on an 2019 economic impact study, a fur ban in New York City would have devastating consequences for the historic fur industry, which employs thousands of working and middle-class New Yorkers, and also for the City’s entire fashion economy – harming leading international brands, big department stores and major retailers.


  • Many beauty and clothing products contain fur including most fake eyelashes on the market today, which include mink fur; paint brushes, fishing lures, traditional shaving brushes, and even “sporrans” for proper Scottish dress.
  • The fur industry supports a large supply chain, benefitting the marketing, banking, and insurance sectors, among others.

Over 150

More than 150 small businesses operate in New York City, which earn the majority of their revenues through the sale of fur clothing, including outerwear, fur-covered accessories, fur-trimmed clothing, and ancillary services such as cleaning and storage.

The 150 businesses employ around 1,100 men and women.

$850 Million

Fur-related revenues are estimated to be up to $850 million per year.