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We represent over 150 small businesses in New York City, all immigrant-run or founded, which have been passed down from generation to generation.



Our History

Since our earliest days, we have worn fur for its warmth, durability, and glamour. The fur trade has a played a vital role in shaping New York’s economy and the fashion industry around the globe.

Early in the Dutch and English settlements of what became New York City, fur was a major export. Beaver was abundant and beaver fur was popular in Europe at the time. Trade in furs with Europe flowed through the New York City harbor in the 1600s and early 1700s, drawing new settlers to the area.

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The Impact

Based on an 2019 economic impact study, a fur ban in New York City would have devastating consequences for the historic fur industry, which employs thousands of working and middle class New Yorkers, and also for the City’s entire fashion economy – harming leading international brands, big department stores and major retailers.

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FURNYC is committed to protecting one of NY’s oldest and most historically significant industries.

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Get to know The Faces of New York City’s Fur Industry. We represent over 150 fur retailers and manufacturers in New York City.

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